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How to share your TeamUp referral code with another business
How to share your TeamUp referral code with another business
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As a TeamUp customer, you have your very own referral link you can use to refer other businesses to TeamUp and earn a gift as a thank you.

Where can I find my referral link?

To find your referral code and link, head to the top bar and click 'Refer a Business'.

refer a business

Here, click 'Copy' to copy your link.

TeamUp business referral program

How does the referral program work?

When another fitness business uses your code to sign up for TeamUp, instead of our standard free 14-day trial, they'll receive a free extended 45-day trial (31 extra days).

Once their trial period is over and they make their first payment, you'll receive your gift card to redeem however you'd like--to your favourite store, to buy new equipment, etc.

On your referral page, you can even see how many times your referral link was viewed, if a referral has been approved, and how much you've earned by referring new businesses.

amount of referrals

When another business uses your link to redeem their extended 45-day trial, the extension courtesy of your business will be automatically applied.

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For ideas on how to share your TeamUp referral code with other businesses, see Generate extra revenue for your business with referrals.

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