How can I bulk-delete customers?

View inactive accounts and delete customer accounts

If you're looking to delete customers who no longer attend your business, who are inactive, or who have asked for their accounts to be deleted, follow the steps below. 

In this guide, we'll cover

Setting up and viewing inactive customer status settings

Inactive customers or those who aren't participating in your business don't count towards your subscription fees. 

💡 For more information on customers included in your subscription, see the following guide How are subscription fees calculated?

As customer information is connected to reporting, we can set up criteria where if a customer doesn't have a membership and doesn't show in x amount of days, they are considered inactive and will not show on your "active customer" list. 

This can be done by heading to 🔗 Settings >> Customers >> Edit 

You can set up your inactive customer criteria: 

Viewing inactive accounts 

Once you've set up your inactive customer criteria, to view these customers you can head to your customer list, where you'll be able to filter the customer status by inactive customers to view this list.  


How to delete an inactive customer account 

If you're looking to bulk-delete customer accounts, we'd recommend the use of the inactive criteria above to have these customer details out of view. 

If you need to delete an inactive customer account from your business, you can find them via the list above. Select their profile and use the red delete button. 

Deleting a customer profile cannot be undone and certain placeholders are added: 

Once a customer is deleted, they will need to sign up for your business anew in the future.