How are service fees calculated?

How much does TeamUp cost? How are active customers defined with TeamUp billing?

In this article, we'll run through how the TeamUp service fees are calculated.

Service fees are based on a tier structure:

  • 0-50 active members
  • 51-100 active members
  • 101-150 active members
  • 151-200 active members
  • 201-300 active members
  • 301-400 active members
  • 401-500 active members
  • 501-600 active members
  • 601+ active members

If you have 0-50 active customers at the time of your first service fee payment, you will be entitled to a 50% discount. The discount will end after 6 months or when you have more than 50 active customers, whichever comes first. 

Service fees will adjust automatically each month, based on how many active members you have.

To clarify what an active member is, this is a person who registers for an event (course or class) OR makes a payment during the billing period. An active customer is only ever counted once towards your service fees each month, regardless of how many times they've registered.

See your service fee payment history, get copies of all previous receipts and your upcoming charges from Settings >> Service Fees. Here you will also see the tier your service fees fall into:

You will also receive an email receipt* once your service fees have been paid each month, and this will indicate the tier you have fallen into for that billing month.

*Only staff members with the Owner or Admin status will receive the receipt.

If you have any questions about service fees or any other of TeamUp features, please contact us at