Integrate Google Analytics with TeamUp

Verify that traffic reaches critical buy pages. Track membership purchase conversions.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The platform collects data from your website to create reports that provide insight into your business.


💡Important! Up until recently, Google Analytics used a data collection technology named 'Universal Analytics'. They recently announced that their new technology, Google Analytics 4, would replace Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 is now live, so until July 1, 2023, businesses can either continue using Universal Analytics, migrate to Google Analytics 4 entirely, or run Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 in parallel.


Does TeamUp integrate with Google Analytics?

Yes. TeamUp allows you to integrate your TeamUp Customer Site and widget with Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4.

❗️Please note that we don't support the integration with Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 in parallel. From TeamUp, you'll be able to integrate with one or the other. 

What does TeamUp track?

Currently, we track visits to your TeamUp Customer Site and/or TeamUp widget and send events for:

  • Customer signups, i.e., when a customer creates a TeamUp account
  • Page views
  • Membership purchase initiated
  • Membership purchases (free and paid)
  • Whole course purchases
  • Course drop-in purchases
  • Class drop-in purchases
  • Appointment drop-in purchases
  • Store purchases

What would this integration be used for?

This will enable you to verify that traffic reaches critical buy pages, as well as track purchase conversions for memberships, courses, event drop-ins, membership purchase intent, and store products. These interactions are registered as 'Events' in Google Analytics

You can set up Goals or Conversions* for your business based on the Events that are most important to your business.

*Universal Analytics uses 'Goals' and Google Analytics 4 uses 'Conversions' to measure conversions. 

As an example, you might have a general Goal or Conversion to track all membership sales and a separate Goal if you're running an ad campaign to promote a specific membership. 

How does it work?

To enable Google Analytics tracking on your TeamUp Customer Site, head to Settings >> Integrations. From here, you will be able to integrate with Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 with just a couple of clicks!

For more details about the integration and setting up Goals/Conversions:

➡️ See Universal Analytics instructions

➡️ See Google Analytics 4 instructions


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