The TeamUp Widget

How can I display my schedule on my website? How do I display just certain venues on my website?

If you'd like to embed the TeamUp Customer Site rather than just link to it, you'll need to use the widget. 

The widget is a short code block you can copy and paste directly into your website (you'll need to have access to your website's HTML for this*). 

*Are you working with a developer? You can create a staff account and limit their permissions to give them access to this section only on TeamUp.

The widget is located in  Customer Experience >> Customer Site >> click 'View Embed Instructions'.

Widget types

In this section, you'll notice there are two different widgets:

TeamUp widget page with the embed type highlighted

Let's take a look at what each one is for:

  • Standard. This is the widget you'll need to use to give customers access to all the features on your Customer Site. 

  • Free trial. This version of the widget has been designed to streamline the process of getting new customers to sign up and into a free trial class. When a customer signs up through this widget, a membership of your choosing (for example, a free trial drop-in pack) will be added to their account automatically, and they'll be prompted to book their first session. You can use this widget to help promote your business/free trial on social media; for example - customers will be able to sign up for their free class in just a couple of clicks. To install this widget, please see How to set up TeamUp's free trial widget

On your Customer Site Embed page, you'll find instructions for some of the most popular site builders, such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Widget settings

  • Width. Depending on your website, you might need to alter the width of the widget. Use this menu to choose the desired width.

  • Default view. You can customise which tab your customers land on when they access the widget. By default, the widget is set to the list view of the schedule, but you might want your customers to view the monthly view instead. Or, you might want to create multiple views for different sections on your website, i.e., a "Store" menu that takes customers to the store view of the widget, a "Timetable" menu that takes them to the schedule - weekly view of the widget, a dedicated section just for your On Demand content, etc.

    TeamUp widget page with different default views being selected

    Once you've selected the Default View you want, click 'Copy to Clipboard' to add the widget to your website.


    If you have multiple venues, you'll be able to set the widget to display classes at all venues, several or just one. Once you've selected the venue view you want, click 'Copy to Clipboard' to add the widget to your website.

    In the example below, we've generated a widget code that only displays classes at our Online Yoga venue.

    TeamUp widget page, venue selected and copy to clipboard selected

    You can also choose to hide the venue selector entirely.


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