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Disable notifications on TeamUp
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Email notifications are a great way of keeping yourself connected to your customers, your classes, and your business.

In this guide, we'll cover how to disable or change your notifications;

Control your email notification preferences in My Account

Navigate to My Account once you've logged in to your TeamUp account.

Select the Notifications section and toggle on and off the emails you're receiving.

The kind of notifications you receive is based on your staff permissions set by the business.

πŸ’‘ Owners and Admins receive all TeamUp notifications and can control their preferences from the same place above.

Adjust staff notifications in Staff Management

If you need to adjust or update the notification preferences for a member of staff, this can be done via Staff >> Staff Management, select Options by the specific staff member >> Edit notification preferences.

If you need to update a staff members permissions to your business, this can be done in the same Staff Management section of your account.

πŸ’‘ For more information on this process: Edit staff member permissions

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