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Best practices when raising a support query
Best practices when raising a support query
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In order for us to help you as quickly as possible we typically require some initial information from you to help us troubleshoot.

Please include as much of the below info as possible when submitting a query.

  • Customer/s name and email address

  • Class name/date/time

  • Screenshots/video recordings of any on screen messages/errors you or your customer are seeing

  • URL of page the problem exists on

  • Any troubleshooting steps performed before raising

  • Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Name of the business or location you're messaging from (if you are linked to more than one TeamUp account)

  • For any network issues i.e. slow page load times or on screen issues, please include the .har file. This can be done from Chrome Browser >> View >> Developer Tools >> Network tab >> refresh the page you’re on and complete intended action >> click to download .har file.

  • Any other relevant information that will help us assist you quickly

💡Providing as much information as possible in your initial query will save any back and forths and delays.

If in doubt just reach out - we're always here to help!

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