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Link your class timetable to your calendar (iCal, Google & Outlook)
Link your class timetable to your calendar (iCal, Google & Outlook)
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You can automatically export your upcoming registrations to your favourite calendar application.

Exporting your calendar will only show the classes. For details of attendees please use the calendar from your TeamUp account.

Head to Calendar >> click the cogwheel button >> 'Feeds for Calendar'.

You'll be able to select to automatically add to the calendar application you are using.

Tip. You can also use the calendar URL to manually link the calendar if preferred. Steps below for each calendar application.


1.Open Google Calendar.
2.On the left side, find "Other calendars" and click the down arrow .
3.Select Add by URL.
4.Enter the calendar's address in the field provided. The address needs to be an ICAL link.
URL can be found here
5. Click Add calendar.

Important: Please note that Google Calendar only allows syncing once per day, so any changes made to the schedule after the daily sync won't show up until the following day.


  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Click on File, then Account Settings, then Account Settings again.

  3. Click on the Internet Calendars tab, and then click New.

  4. Enter the calendar URL, and click Add.


  1. Open Calendar for Mac.

  2. Go to the File menu and choose New Calendar Subscription.

  3. Enter the calendar URL, then press the subscribe button.

  4. Configure your calendar by choosing a name and setting the auto-refresh period.

  5. After a few seconds, your calendar should be ready and will show up in your list of "Other" calendars.

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Did this answer your question?