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How to add a payment to a recurring membership
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In this guide, we'll run through how to add an ad hoc payment to a recurring membership.

Note. this option is only available for recurring memberships. Prepaid plans and packs do not support additional billing in this way.

Navigate to the desired customer's Membership tab (take note of the location of this tab in the below screenshot, as you may name this something else), and click the active membership you would like to add the payment to.

This will take you to the membership detail page.

The payment is added from the upcoming payments tab. Click on 'Add ad hoc payment'.

You'll have to scroll down past the upcoming payments to see the below section.

Now choose the date you would like the payment to be made, and set your desired price for this payment.

Once done, click 'Add Payment'

The payment is now saved, and is due on 1st May 2019, as previously set.

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Did this answer your question?