Does TeamUp integrate with any accounting software i.e. Quickbooks, Xero, Sage?

Use TeamUp reports to import data into your accounting software. Automation with GoCardless and Stripe.

Although there is not a direct integration in TeamUp itself, we do allow exporting of a CSV file from Billing/Revenue that can be uploaded easily to your preferred accounting software.

Head to Billing/Revenue >> Reports to get started.

Is there any automation available directly with the payment processor? 

If you are using Stripe or GoCardless then the answer is yes. Payments will continue to run via TeamUp and into the payment processor.

The links below will guide you on how to connect your payment processor automatically to the mentioned accounting software platforms: 

Stripe can guide you with a manual process to export information to Quickbooks:

💡 If you are recording revenue in TeamUp using another processor besides Stripe and GoCardless i.e. cash, bank transfer, then we recommend you use the Revenue Report mentioned above for a full snapshot of the revenue you're taking via TeamUp.

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