Cancelling a course

From the course detail page (Courses >> Courses >> Click desired course), you'll be able to view the schedule/s for your course.

You can cancel the entire course, a group within that course, or individual sessions.

Cancelling a group

Click to cancel group of the schedule you would like to remove.

If zero customers are registered, you can cancel the group straight away.

If the group has customers registered to it, you will need to decide what to do with the registration and drop-in fees before refunding.

Cancelling a single session within a course

Click on the desired session you would like to cancel.

Cancel the session straight away if no one is registered onto it.

You will be informed if there are customers registered onto the session already, either as drop-ins, or attendees as part of the entire course.

For customers attending this session as part of a group, they will be able to use this session as a make-up session on another group (of your settings allow it).

For customers who have paid the drop-in fee, you will need to decide how to refund them, if at all.

Click to cancel session to remove this session from the course.

Cancelling the entire course

Below you schedule, you will have the option to cancel the entire course.

You will need to decide whether to refund your customers or not.

You also have the option to include a note to registrants, as to why the course has been cancelled.

Click 'Cancel this course' when ready, to complete the cancellation.

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