Can customers make payments when my GoCardless account is still in review?

Why are my clients are getting an error message when paying via GoCardless on TeamUp?

No. Your GoCardless account must be verified before customers can make payments.

If you're just getting started with TeamUp, we'd recommend getting your GoCardless account verified before going live so customers can make payments when you do. If you do not, customers will see a failure message when they try to complete a purchase.

If you need to enable an alternative payment method while you're waiting for your GoCardless account is being verified, we'd suggest using Stripe, a card payment processor, which can be used to accept payments as soon as the account is created. To learn more about Stripe, see Stripe - what, why, how?*

*If you wish, you can continue to use Stripe after your GoCardless account has been verified. Many businesses choose to use both processors in parallel. See Stripe vs GoCardless for more details.