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Zoom quick start guide

Integrate TeamUp with Zoom in 3 quick steps!

Need to set up online classes? Link your TeamUp and Zoom accounts to start streaming your classes online in just three simple steps:

1. Integrate with Zoom

Head to Settings >> Integrations >> Zoom - click 'Get Started'.

2. Set up an online venue

Go to Settings >> Venues to create a new online venue, or edit an existing one to link it to Zoom.

Need help with the online venue settings? See 'Create an online venue' in
this guide.

3. Add or update your online classes

Now, head to Classes >> Class types to add new classes linked to the online venue, or to edit existing ones so that they're linked to the correct venue if needed.

See 'Schedule your classes at the online venue' here for more details on how to add/edit classes

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