Using Filters in Zapier

Only allow a Zap to proceed when certain conditions are met. Filter a Zap by a specific criteria. Filter a Zap by a specific membership.

Filters are a way to ensure Zaps proceed only when certain conditions are true. For instance, you might want your Zap to send just for specific membership purchases, or have one Zap for trial membership purchases and another for all other membership purchases. With Filters, you set a specific condition and the Zap will only continue if it meets that condition.

How to create a Filter

  1. Click the '+' between step 1 and step 2:

2. Select Filter from the options:

3. Set the values as required

For the below example the Zap will trigger only when Membership Name > Exactly matches > Free Trial.

Note that you might see a message saying "Your Zap would not have continued" when testing this. This is expected if the test example in step 1 does not match the example you put in the filter. You're fine to move on to the next step if that's the case.

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