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Can I download a list of course attendees? How can I see a list of who's registered for a course and their details (name, phone, email)?

The Course Session Attendances report allows you to export a list of course attendances. 

You can combine the different filters and group the data to generate customised attendance reports for course sessions in the past, or view registrations for upcoming course sessions. 

To view this report, head to Reports >> Classes and Courses >> Course Session Attendances , or Courses >> Reports .


The report can be filtered by:

  • Customer

  • Course type

  • Venue

  • Instructor

  • Booking method. This filter allows you to view how the customer booked the course: membership registrations (registered using a membership credit), non-member registrations (paid the non-member price) and single-session registrations (purchased a drop-in).

  • Make up status. Yes or no depending if the customer changed the course series they originally registered for.

  • Membership. Use this filter to view any course sessions booked via a membership.

  • Status. View attendances and no-shows.

  • Past or future sessions. Use this filter to view past session attendances, or who's registered for future course sessions.

View totals

Use the 'Show' option to group by different dimensions and view totals. 

For example, you might want to see the attendance count per day of the week for a specific course type:

To download this report to a .CSV file, click the 'Download' button and select any additional customer fields you want to view.

How can I generate and download a list of course attendees?

For more information on how to use this report, please see How can I download a list of all course attendees.

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