Managing make-up sessions

If you cannot make one of your course sessions for any reason, you can make-up sessions within another group of the same course.

Note. This option is only available if the course has more than one group, and the business owner has allowed make-up sessions with other groups.

You first need to head to the desired course from the Courses tab of your account.

Now click on the course group you are already registered onto, and click to manage sessions.

From here you'll be able to see if switching between groups (or tracks) is allowed.

You can now deselect yourself from the sessions you can no longer attend, and replace those with sessions you can attend in another group.

You'll be able to switch as many times as you like, but you can only register onto the total amount of sessions you originally purchased. In this example it's 9.

If you try to add yourself to more sessions, you will see the below error.

If you do want to register on to more sessions of the other group, you'll need to make a separate course purchase.

See our guide for more on how to do this Registering for a course starting in the future.

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