How to check the remaining uses on your membership or class pack

How many classes do I have left?

To see how many uses are left on your membership, log into your TeamUp account via a browser* (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and then head to My Account >> Memberships.

❗️Please note that the 'My Memberships' tab is only available on the web version of TeamUp at the moment (it's not accessible via the TeamUp members app).

Here, click DETAILS next to the membership you want to check. Under Uses, you'll be able to see how many uses are left on your pack. In the example below, 3 classes out of five have been used and there are two remaining.

If you're on a recurring membership with daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly limits, you'll be able to see how many usages you've used for each limit.


For a more detailed look at usage, scroll down to the 'Usage Limit Explorer' at the bottom.

  • Here you can filter by specific classes to see how many sessions you've booked and if you've hit any limits.