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Introduction to pack running low notifications
Introduction to pack running low notifications
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The Pack Running Low notification lets you email customers whose pack memberships are almost depleted. The notification exists to drive new purchases, either of the same pack, or an upgrade to a plan.

For example, you might have customers who regularly purchase packs of X number of sessions. This notification will remind them when their pack is running low and will prompt them to re-purchase.

Or, you might offer packs with a discount for newcomers or packs of introductory classes for beginners. You can customise the notification to send out information to these customers about plans they can upgrade to.


Low Pack Notifications live under Notifications >> Customer Membership Lifecycle.


As with other notifications, only users with super admin permission can view the low pack notification sections.

Membership Detail Pages

On detail pages for pack memberships, low pack notifications are listed with links to the notification detail page.

At this time, the membership create and edit forms do not support toggling low pack notifications. That must be done from the Notifications section.

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