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The Customer Site URL
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Your TeamUp Customer Site has its own unique URL. This link can be shared for customers to sign up for your business or log back in.

It's also possible to embed the TeamUp widget into your website so customers can access it from there.

Customers who already have an account will also be able to log in via the customer booking app.

To get the URL, head to Customer Experience >> Customer Site

Here are a few examples of how you might use the URL to create links:

  • On your website, to link to your schedule.

  • In a newsletter, prompt your customers to head to the Customer Site.

  • To direct-link to a specific section on your Customer Site.

    For example, let's say you want to link to the Appointments section. You can create this link by pasting the Customer Site URL in your browser, clicking the 'Appointments' tab, and then copying that URL and pasting where needed.

    Another example: you have a new yoga mat in stock you want to create direct links to it from your social media and website.
    You can create this link by pasting the Customer Site URL >> clicking the 'Store' tab, then clicking on the product you want to promote, and then copying that URL into your links.

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