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Creating a pre-registration/purchase form
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From your TeamUp account, you can target customers who you want to fill out specific pre-registration and pre-purchase forms. These forms are submitted by customers the first time they make an applicable registration or purchase on the customer site.

For example, if you're offering a Pre-natal Yoga class, you may want to collect relevant information about participants (i.e., due date, do they have any pregnancy-related issues, etc.). These questions would only be relevant to people attending this class, so you would make this form applicable only for this registration.

You might also offer an Olympic Lifting class. For this class, you might want to collect more general information, so another form created for this purpose (the 'New Joiner Form' in the example below), would be applicable for this registration, as well as all other registrations except Pre-natal Yoga.

Or maybe you'd like your one-on-one clients to complete a fitness assessment before their first appointment.

You'll notice that you can also add a membership requirement to these forms. In the example below, these forms would be required only for class registrations, but not for purchasing any memberships.

This is what your customers would see when trying to book these classes from the customer site.

If they choose the Pre-natal Yoga class, they would need to complete the pre-natal form in order to register:

If they click on the Olympic Lifting class, they would be required to complete the new joiner form prior to registering:

With notable exceptions, a submission is good for life. If a customer has submitted a form in the past, they will not be asked to submit that form again. For exceptions to this, please see Expiration and Resubmissions.

How to create a pre-registration/purchase form

These types of forms are managed from Forms/Documents >> Customer forms >> Pre-Registration/Pre-Purchase forms.

To add a new pre-registration/purchase form, click 'Add a form'.

On the next page, you'll be prompted to add the form name, the requirements for it, and if you'd like to resubmit this form periodically to keep the data fresh.

Once you've completed this information, click 'Next' to select the fields that should be asked in this form.

For detailed information on requirements and an in-depth guide on the following steps, please head over to Creating a form

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