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Adding your widget to ClickFunnels
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ClickFunnels is a popular tool for managing marketing funnels. Adding your TeamUp widget to ClickFunnels is very simple.

Login to ClickFunnels

Click ClickFunnels, and then Browse Funnels

Select the funnel you want to install TeamUp on, and then the page you want to install on. This will usually be a thank you page, or the order page. In most cases you want this to replace the normal order form page, and simply collect name and email, then redirect to the page with TeamUp to complete the order.

Click edit page.

Select the area you want to install your TeamUp widget, and add a "Custom JS/HTML" element.

Change the custom code type to "3rd Party Embed Code"

Then open the code editor and simply paste your widget code you copied from the Customer Site>>Embed page on teamup (


Sometimes you might want to send leads to a specific membership (i.e. a starter pack). This is possible by using TeamUp's powerful widget.

Simply install as above. Then publish the page and visit it in a browser.

Visit the page for the membership you want to display, and then copy the url from the top of the browser including all of the extra detail after "#tmup".

Then paste this url as the action (and "go to website url") from the first page of your sales page to take visitors directly to that membership on the widget, on your order page.

Did this answer your question?

Did this answer your question?