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Adding your widget to your website
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Adding your TeamUp calendar to your Yell website is really simple.

After you've logged into your account, head to if you're not there already and click on "Edit" on the right.

Now you're in the editor, please navigate to the section of your website where you'd like to install the widget and once there, click on the "Widget" option on the left-hand menu, click on "HTML" then drag the component onto the page.

You'll then see a text box asking you to add your custom HTML code which you will find in your TeamUp account under Customer Site>>Embed, on the right-hand side.
​Quick link:
Once you've copied it, click "Update" and you should be able to see the calendar on the website.
Finally, don't forget to publish the changes so they'll go live on your website.

Note. the breakpoint at which the widget will switch to the mobile version is 940px.

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Did this answer your question?