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Archiving / Unarchiving venues
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TeamUp allows you to create multiple venues. Click here for a guide on how to add venues.

Venues can be archived and unarchived to help you manage your venue list. For example, you may have some venues that you only use seasonally, and you may not need them on your list at all times.

In this guide we'll cover:

How to archive a venue

To archive a venue, head to Settings >> Venues/Rooms.

Select Options >> Edit next to the relevant venue and then change the status option to "Archive" and Save.

Once saved, the venue will no longer show up on your active venues list or be available to be selected when scheduling or editing new classes and/or courses.

💡Archiving a venue will not remove the venue from existing classes or courses already scheduled in the calendar, so please update your classes and/or courses accordingly if you need to do so.

How to unarchive a venue

Once a venue has previously been archived, it can easily be unarchived too.

To do this head to Settings >> Venues and select the 'View Archived' toggle.

Click on Option >> Edit and update the 'Status' option, tick 'Active', and click 'Save'. The venue will now appear on your active venues list again

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