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FAQ: Is it possible to update a policy?
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For In Effect Policies

For obvious reasons, TeamUp does not allow you to edit the text of a policy customers have already agreed to. We understand that sometimes you need to make non-material changes to policies. That’s why we built versions.

To create a new version click details besides the policy you'd like to update.

Tip. Copy the existing text if you need to use any of this for the updated version.

Now click Update.

Finally, enter the effective edit date and your new version text as desired, then save once you're happy with the updates.

You'll be able to view the version history from the policy details tab.

For Scheduled Policies

Policies scheduled to go in effect on a future date cannot be amended, so you must first delete the policy or archive the policy if customer/s have already accepted it and then add a new policy as required

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Did this answer your question?