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How to determine revenue per class type or per instructor
How to determine revenue per class type or per instructor
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Working out the profitability of your class types is really simple. It can be done from one report, and requires only the most basic Excel skills.

The steps are as follows:

  1. In your TeamUp account, head to Reports >> Class Attendances . Here, filter by the desired date range from "See results from". Once done, download the report.

  2. Open the file in Excel and add another column at the end called “Class Price”

  3. Highlight the top row and apply a filter to all columns (Data>> Filter).

  4. Filter each membership type in column H (membership), and enter the relevant class price value in the new Class Price column (please note you can use an “IF” formula here to automate this process if you prefer).

  5. For any classes without a membership i.e. drop-ins, filter membership = blank. Then filter by class type and enter the relevant class drop in value in the Class Price column (again you could use an IF formula here too if you like).

  6. Once done remove any applied filters, and add a pivot table by going to Excel menu >> Insert >> Pivot Table and click accept.

  7. You should now see a pivot table in another sheet within the same Excel spreadsheet. Click on the pivot table builder and move “class type” into the Row section and “Class Price” into the Value section. For the Class Price please ensure the column header is set to sum, if not you can change this by via the pivot table builder.

What you're left with will give you a summary table of the total income generated by each class.

💡If you pay your instructors based on earnings for a class, simply move the instructor into the row section rather than class type.

❗️If you're looking to set hourly or per-customer rates for your instructors and track their earnings in TeamUp, head to How to manage instructor Pay Rates.

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