To make an instructor available for Appointments, head to the Staff section of your TeamUp account.

If you don't have any staff members yet, you'll need to create them first. To do this, please see Adding Staff members.

If you want to make an existing staff member available for Appointments*, click 'Options - Manage Availability'.

*Note. If you'd like instructors to manage their own availability, they can do this by logging into their account and heading to My Account >> 'Manage Appointment Availability'.

In the next step, you'll be able to set up their regular schedule and create overrides if needed.

How to create a regular schedule

By default, every day of the week will be set to 'Unavailable'. To add availability, click a day of the week and, in the popup, enter one or more time intervals*, as seen below. Once done, click 'Apply'.

*The time picker uses a 24-hour format. To enter a time, you can type it into the box, or click the box and use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to select the desired hours/minutes.

Then, repeat these steps for the desired days.

To edit an existing schedule, click the desired day under 'Regular Schedule' and adjust the availability as seen above.

Override Schedule

Create override

From time to time you might need to override an instructor's regular schedule to change their hours or mark them as unavailable.

To do this, head to the 'Override Schedule' section and click a date. If you need to override multiple dates at once, select the desired dates in the popup and adjust the availability settings as needed.

In the example below, we've created an override so that the instructor is unavailable on the 16th, 18th, and 20th of August.

Once done, dates with overrides will be highlighted in yellow.

Edit an override

To edit an override, click the desired date and adjust the availability as needed.

Remove override

If you need to remove an override entirely, click a date on the calendar, then select multiple dates in the popup calendar if you need to update a few, and finally, click 'Restore default schedule' as seen below.

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