Edit or cancel a class reservation

Remove yourself from a session you can no longer make, edit the end date of a reservation, and cancel a reservation.

Remove yourself from an individual session

Follow the steps here for the quickest way to remove yourself from a session.

You can also remove yourself from a session from the reservations detail page:

From the 'my account' tab, head to the registrations section and click details besides the reservation you want to amend.

Click on the session you no longer wish to attend, and then select to unregister.

Tip. if you're looking to catchup a session in another class, head to the schedule tab on your account and select the class you wish to attend (that is applicable to your membership).

Edit the end date of a reservation

From the reservation detail page toggle the 'select and end date' button and enter the desired date to end the reservation.

You will be removed from any classes reserved after this end date.

Cancel a reservation

From the reservation detail page click 'Cancel reservation'.

Cancelling a reservation takes affect immediately and you will be removed from all sessions.

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