ClassPass integration instructions

Does TeamUp integrate with ClassPass? ClassPass Partner ID and Location ID.

ClassPass helps you attract people seeking the best in health and wellness. Fill your unsold class spots and get paid for every reservation.

How to integrate TeamUp with ClassPass

Enabling ClassPass is a three-step process. You’ll need to:

  1. Enable the ClassPass integration from within TeamUp.

  2. Sign up with ClassPass at 

  3. Email your Partner ID and Location ID(s) to We’ll show you how to find those IDs below. 

For further instructions on each step, please see below.

Enabling ClassPass from within TeamUp

This allows ClassPass to access your class schedules (you can do this before or after you sign up with ClassPass).

ClassPass is listed on the Integrations page in Settings >> Integrations >> click 'Get Started'. 

Note your “Partner ID” and the “Location ID(s)” of the venues you want ClassPass to access (see screenshot below), then click “Enable ClassPass”. 

After you’ve enabled ClassPass to access your schedules on TeamUp, the Integrations page will show ClassPass as “Integrated”. You can find your Partner and Location ID(s) by clicking “Integration Instructions”

Sign Up with ClassPass

If you haven’t already, sign up at and email your Partner ID and Venue ID(s) to

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