Can customers unregister from a Zoom class?

How do customers unregister from a Zoom class in TeamUp?

Customers can unregister from Zoom classes just as they would a regular class from your Customer Site or the TeamUp app.

If the cancellation happens 15 minutes or more before the class starts, the link will immediately become invalid. It will redirect to the class detail page when accessed at any point after the cancellation.

*Please note that if the cancellation happens after the 15 min cutoff and the customer already has been redirected to the stream, they will be able to join the class. Zoom allows you to remove attendees from a meeting, so you can use this feature if needed.

You can use the registration timelines on TeamUp, just like you would for any other classes, to set how far in advance customers should be allowed to book, when registrations close and add a cancellation cutoff (cancellations after this cutoff will be late cancellations and will not be refunded).

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