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Using Zoom with TeamUp for online/video classes

Does TeamUp integrate with Zoom?

With our Zoom integration you are now to able configure a venue on TeamUp to automatically create a Zoom meeting URL/link for each class that takes place at that venue. 

Class registrants will receive the video URL in their registration confirmation email* in addition to being able to open the video stream from the class detail page on your Customer Site.

*You can find and edit the template for the registration confirmation email under Notifications >> Class Registration >> Class: Registration Confirmation. 

Integrating your Zoom account

To integrate Zoom with TeamUp, head over to the Integrations page on your Business Dashboard (Settings >> Integrations). 

Once there, click 'Get Started' in the Zoom section and then click 'Connect to Zoom'.
You will be redirected to Zoom where you can authorise TeamUp to manage the meetings for all the users on your Zoom account.

Creating an online venue where Zoom meetings are created automatically

An "online venue" is one where classes take place via video. You are able to configure a venue to automatically schedule Zoom meetings for all classes taking place at that venue. Here's how to do that.

First, head to your Venue settings (Settings >> Venues) and select 'Add a Venue' or edit an existing venue.

Then select 'Online venue where customers watch classes online' for the venue type.

Then select 'Automatically create a Zoom meeting for each class'* for "Video URL Type" and then select which Zoom user you want meetings to be scheduled under.

*Zoom creates a unique Join URL for each new meeting by default, so if you're using the default settings you'll need to select 'Automatically create a Zoom meeting for each class' as seen in the screenshot below

Need to use the same URL for all of your meetings? See this guide. If using the same URL, please select 'Video URL Type - One URL for all classes at this venue'.

Important! It's not possible for the same Zoom user to host multiple classes at the same time, at the same venue. If you're planning on streaming several different classes at once, please see 'Can I schedule more than one class at the same time?' below. 

How to schedule classes at the online venue

Once you've created the online venue, you'll be able to assign your online venue/s to your online classes. If you already had the online venue assigned to your online classes, you can skip this step.

If not, head to Classes >> Class types >> click desired class >> click the cogwheel button next to a time slot >> 'Edit Details' >> assign the online venue.

If you need to add a brand new online class type check out this guide.

All classes will automatically have a Zoom meeting created for them. You'll be able to view this from the class detail page (Calendar >> click class). 

Here, you'll see a section showing the Zoom meeting's public URL as well as a button to start the meeting.

On your Customer Site, customers will see a similar banner with a button for them to open the video stream.

Class duration

Zoom offers a free plan that allows 40-minute meetings. 

If you wish to hold longer classes, please see Zoom plans and pricing for more options.

Can I schedule more than one class at the same time?

You might be planning on streaming multiple classes at the same time. 

For example, at 9:00am on Monday, one of your instructors, Peter, will be streaming a Mat class, and another, Susan, will be teaching a Mobility class.

As we mentioned above, it's not possible for the same Zoom user to host multiple meetings at the same venue. In order to set these classes up, you'll need to:

  1. Create multiple users on your Zoom account. Each instructor will need to have their own Zoom user. Once you've created the users on Zoom, you'll be able to assign each user to their online venue on TeamUp. For help creating users on your Zoom account, please see this guide.

  2. Create multiple online venues on TeamUp and assign each one the correct Zoom user, as seen in 'Creating an online venue where Zoom meetings are created automatically' earlier in this guide.

For the example above, once done, you should have:

  • TeamUp online venue #1 (Mat class venue) assigned to Zoom user #1 (Peter).

  • TeamUp online venue #2 (Mobility class) assigned to Zoom user #2 (Susan).

Please check Zoom pricing to ensure you're on a plan that supports concurrent meetings.

How can customers register for a Zoom class?

Customers will be able to book these classes as usual from the Customer Site or the customer booking app. 

Once they've booked the class, they will get a confirmation email with the link to the class. 

How do customers join the class? Do they need a Zoom account?

Before they join the Zoom class, customers will need to log into their TeamUp account first. This is required so that the system can verify that they've registered for the class.

There are two ways the customer can join the meeting from here:

  1. They'll need to click the Zoom link they received via email - this can be the class confirmation email they received when they booked the class, and/or the pre-class notification email (to set this up, please see 'Can I send customers a pre-class reminder?' below). 

  2. Alternatively, they can head to their TeamUp account and click on the class they've registered onto from the calendar. Please note that join links on the class detail page will only show to people who register (each customer has a unique link that becomes inactive if the customer leaves the class). They'll have an option to open the video stream from there:

Customers will be able to join the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class. If they click the link before the class takes place, they'll see a message letting them know that the class hasn't started yet. 

Can my customers share this link with other people? Can they use the same link to join other classes?

No. Anyone who has not registered for class will not be able to view/attend the class, even if they have the link. 

Can customers unregister from an online class?

Yes. Customers can unregister as usual from the Customer Site or the app. 

You can use registration timelines on TeamUp to set how far in advance customers should be allowed to book, when registrations close and add a cancellation cutoff (cancellations after this cutoff will be late cancellations and will not be refunded).

If the cancellation happens 15 minutes or more before the class starts, the link will immediately become invalid. It will redirect to the class detail page when accessed at any point after the cancellation.

*Please note that if the cancellation happens after the 15 min cutoff and the customer already has been redirected to the stream, they will be able to join the class. Zoom allows you to remove attendees from a meeting, so you can use this feature if needed.

Do I need to check off attendance on TeamUp for Zoom classes?

Customers who join a Zoom class will automatically be marked as "attended" on TeamUp. 

Please note that:

  • No-shows won't be marked as such, so if you'll need to add this manually from the class detail page on TeamUp (head to Calendar >> click class >> mark attendee as a "no-show").

  • If someone joins a class 15 minutes after the class starts, you'll need to mark them off as attended manually.

Can I send customers a pre-class reminder?

Yes! You can create an automated email that goes out before a class starts. 

This email can be used to remind customers to log into their TeamUp account before class and include the Zoom link so they won't have to look for the class confirmation email. You can also include tips on equipment required/placement, size of space needed, muting laptop etc. 

For help setting up automated pre-class notifications, please see Adding a pre-post class notification

To include the Zoom link in the notification, you'll need to use the variable in the email*. 

*Using the for classes at online venues will automatically insert a button that links to Zoom into the email under an "Online Class Instructions" section, as seen below.

Disconnecting your Zoom account

If you'd like to disconnect your Zoom account from your TeamUp account, simply head to the Integrations page on your Business Dashboard (Settings >> Integrations). 

Once there, click the gear icon in the Zoom section and then select 'Disconnect'. On the following screen, confirm you'd like to disconnect your Zoom account by clicking 'Disconnect'.

Uninstalling the TeamUp App from your Zoom account

First, log into your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the TeamUp app.

Click the TeamUp app.

Click Uninstall.

Getting help

If you have any questions or issues with the Zoom integration, get in touch with our support team via phone or email. We're available during normal UK business hours.

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