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The Payouts section in Billing/Revenue is where you can see payments that have been disbursed to your bank account.

The payouts list

Payouts are grouped by month and ordered by date.


It's easy to see which months have payouts and to jump directly to a particular month.


Next/previous buttons take you to the next or previous month that has payouts.


If you use Stripe, you'll notice these payouts expose which ones are in transit and failed in addition to paid.
The date besides the in transit payment is the date you will receive the payout.

For more information on a payout's failed status, click the "!" icon next to the status.


Payout detail

The detail pages for Stripe and GoCardless are mostly the same, with slight differences.
If a Stripe payout is in transit, the "in transit" status will be displayed along with the date the payout is expected to hit your account.


The GoCardless detail page will simply display when the payment will reach your account.


Both only track items TeamUp knows about. If there are other items on a Payout (e.g. two business accounts use the same processor account), a notice is shown.

Note: Only payments linked to your TeamUp account will show in this section (e.g. you have two TeamUp accounts that use the same GoCardless or Stripe account).


Download your payouts

The entire history of payouts can be downloaded.

From the Payouts page:


From the Payout detail page:

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