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How to leave product feedback
How to leave product feedback
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We love to hear all of your product feedback. It helps us to learn and shape our product to be the best version it can be for our customers.

We have a dedicated Product Feedback portal so you can log all your requests with ease.

How can I access the Product Feedback portal?

You have a couple of options:

  1. Click the Product Feedback tab within your TeamUp account.

How can I submit my ideas?

Once in the portal, simply click 'Submit Idea' to log your suggestion.

Or if you're on a mobile phone you can click the '+'.

Here you can enter your idea and assign importance based on your desire for the feature.

Click 'Submit' to send us your idea.

What happens to my idea once it has been submitted?

Our Product Team review each and every idea to understand what it is you're looking for and where it might belong on our roadmap.

You may spot your idea in the Product Feedback portal under one of the below tabs if it's something we're considering, are working on, or have already released.

  • Under Consideration - we're considering these ideas but want to find out more about the demand and how the feature should work

  • In Progress - the idea is being worked on by our Product Team

  • Released - the idea has been released and is live in your account

Some other things to look out for:

  • We may reach out to you to find out more about your request

  • If we have a solution in place already we'll let you know

Can I vote on ideas that aren't mine?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. This really helps us understand the demand and the importance of the feature.

Just click on any idea and then the importance to cast your vote.

Is there any other way to submit feedback outside of the Product Feedback portal?

Our customer success team are on hand whenever you need us. Just let us know your ideas at [email protected] and we'll log them for you.

Did this answer your question?

Did this answer your question?