How to cancel your monthly membership
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To cancel your monthly membership, you'll need to log in to the web version of your TeamUp account. This can be done via a laptop/iPad/desktop or mobile browser

Once logged in select My Account >> Select Details by the membership you'd like to cancel >> Cancel Membership

On that membership detail page, you will see the option to Cancel Membership.

💡Please note that it's only possible to cancel recurring memberships. If you have a prepaid membership or a pack, i.e., you paid for your membership in full, please contact your gym/studio/facility.

You'll land on a final confirmation screen, which will display when your membership will remain valid until (depending on the terms set up by the business).

Important! If you agree to a commitment period, your membership will not end until the minimum term has been reached.

It's best to reach out directly to the business if you have any questions about your membership as they have the final say on any changes.

Find the business' contact details under My Account >> Contact

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