An overview of the Kisi integration with TeamUp

Does TeamUp integrate with any access control systems?

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Kisi, a next-generation door access control and security solution!

In this guide, we'll take a look at how Kisi works, explain what the integration with TeamUp does, provide information on how to integrate your TeamUp account with Kisi, and what to do if you already have an access control system at your facility.

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About Kisi

Kisi is a door access control and security solution. It's a remotely managed cloud system that integrates with a variety of hardware devices and software tools, allowing admins full control over doors and the users who access them.

Using Kisi’s cloud-based smart security technology you can install digital locks at your facility’s entry points that will allow you to control when and who can enter your facility at any time.

Kisi also offers intrusion detection and capacity management solutions, integration with a variety of platforms and tools, as well as access features and workflows. For more information on their services, head to the Kisi website.

What does the TeamUp-Kisi integration do?

The integration syncs Kisi with your TeamUp account so that you have the ability to set who is granted access based on membership types and upcoming registrations:

  • Access hours are defined in Kisi via Access Groups.
  • The memberships or registrations that authorize access are set in TeamUp.

Once you have integrated TeamUp with Kisi, your access control will continually validate these members against their details stored in TeamUp. When customers try to access your facility, the system will check their membership status in real-time using TeamUp. If the member has paid for their membership and/or class fees, they will instantly be granted access.

Using a Kisi device such as the mobile Kisi app (iOS or Android) or a Kisi fob or keycard, members and staff can scan their device at your installed Kisi reader to enter your facility during their permitted times, so you’ll know which customers and members of staff will be in your facility at all times. 

How do customers get access to Kisi?

When a customer is added to an access group in Kisi (either because they purchased a relevant membership or because they registered for a relevant event in TeamUp), they will receive an email from Kisi automatically including Kisi app links. 

How do I connect Kisi to my TeamUp account?

First, you'll need to create a Kisi account if you don't already have one. Click here to contact them for more information.

To integrate with Kisi, in your TeamUp account, head to Settings >> Integrations and click 'Get Started' under 'Kisi'. Please see Kisi integration instructions for more information.


How do I disconnect Kisi from my TeamUp account?

To disconnect Kisi from your TeamUp account, head to Settings >> Integrations >> click 'Revoke Access' and follow the steps to unlink the accounts.


I already have an access control system. Can I link it to TeamUp with the Kisi integration?

Yes! Another exciting thing about Kisi is that their controller works with most existing gate or door installations.

This means that you can connect legacy readers to the Kisi controller to enable card access on top of the Kisi mobile app access. The cost of migration (hardware and installation) is very low, there's no disruption of operation, and your existing credentials can be reused.

For further details, please contact Kisi support at

Does the TeamUp members app integrate with Kisi?

The TeamUp members app doesn't support Kisi at this time, so your members will need to use a Kisi device to access your facility, as mentioned above.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please let us know by upvoting this request in our feedback portal (after you've voted, you'll be notified automatically about any future updates).

Can my customers check into their classes with Kisi?

No, the integration doesn't support automated class check-ins at this time. Check-ins will need to be handled manually by your staff from the Calendar, or via TeamUp's self-check-in feature, Kiosk.
If you'd like to have this functionality, please let us know by upvoting this request in our feedback portal.

How much does Kisi cost?

Kisi pricing is based on the number of doors and users you have. To get a quote for your business, click here