The TeamUp API

If your requirements go beyond linking to or embedding the Customer Site, and you need to build your own integration with TeamUp, we have an API you can use.

We offer two separate APIs that serve different use cases:
  • The Customer API allows a user to interact with TeamUp as if they were a customer
  • The Business API allows a user to interact with TeamUp as if they were a staff member at a business 
Both APIs are structured similarly and have similar data models.
The main difference between these two APIs is which restrictions are enforced. For example, in the Customer API, the "registration window" is enforced, while it's not in the Business API. The "registration window" is the starting and ending time when a customer may register for a class, such as from 7 days before a class up until 1 hour before a class.
You should choose which API to use based on which type of user you are acting as.

➡️ You can find the TeamUp API specs here

Apply for an application

Business API

You can submit an application to generate your API keys from your TeamUp account (Settings >> Integration). For a step-by-step tutorial, please see this guide.

Customer API

To submit an application for the Customer API, please follow these instructions.


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