Categories allow you to segment your membership options for you and your customers.

For instance, you might want to sell multiple class packs and monthly payment plans with a different category for each.

In this guide we'll show you how to:

  • Add a Category

  • Edit a Category Name

  • Delete a Category

  • Re-ordering Categories

  • Re-ordering Memberships within and between Categories

Membership categories can be managed from Memberships >> Settings icon >> Manage Categories.

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Add a Category

by clicking Add a Category


Then enter the name of your new category.


Edit a Category Name

by clicking Options >> Edit beside the desired category.


Delete a Category

by clicking Options >> Delete beside the desired category.

Note. If the category you would like to delete has memberships within, you will need to select a new category for the memberships to go in and they'll be automatically moved to the selected category for you.


Re-order Categories

drag and drop your categories to the desired location by using the re-order icon to the right of each category.


Re-ordering Memberships within and between Categories

You can also re-order the memberships that can be found within each category by dragging and dropping using the re-order icon next to each membership. Head here to find out more.

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