In this guide, we'll look at the benefits of integrating payment processor GoCardless, onto your TeamUp dashboard.


  • One of Europe‚Äôs leading Direct Debit providers, processing over half a billion pounds a year for over ten thousand businesses.

  • ACH payments in the USA.

  • GoCardless makes it easy to accept recurring and one-off payments online.

  • Most first payments using GoCardless take a total of 7 working days. Head here for further information

  • Using TeamUp's scheduling system, you can expect funds within 2-3 days of the billing date (from the second month of the recurring subscription).


  • No setup fees

See for your countries pricing.

  • Automate everything

GoCardless automates the taking, tracking and reconciliation of your payments.

  • Get started in minutes

All you need to get started is bank account. Sign up now and you could be taking payments in minutes

  • Simple setup process for your customers


Integrating GoCardless is quick and easy.

From your TeamUp dashboard, navigate to Settings>Payments>Manager Payment Methods. From here click 'integrate' besides GoCardless.

And then connect with GoCardless:

You will be redirected to GoCardless to create an account/ sign in to an existing account.

Once GoCardless is integrated, customers will be able to select this payment type when adding a payment method to an applicable event.

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