OpenActive with TeamUp

Integrate with OpenActive to publish your class data to the publicly available OpenActive activity feed.

TeamUp has an OpenActive integration. If you enable this it will publish your class data to the publicly available OpenActive activity feed. OpenActive is currently only available in the UK.

There are several benefits to this:

  • Visibility of your classes on a wide range of class listing platforms (see "What platforms are currently displaying my classes?" below)

  • Inclusion in some high profile projects - for example, at launch, Sport England are going to start a big campaign.

  • Contributing to some exciting projects designed to encourage more people to be active

There is no charge for this service and for any campaign.

How do I integrate my TeamUp account with OpenActive?

To integrate with OpenActive simply head to Settings >> Integrations and then click "Get Started" next to OpenActive.

Class Types that are configured to be visible to everyone are included in the OpenActive data feed. Please check your class type visibility settings to make sure you're ready to go with the integration.

As part of the integration we'll automatically use your customer site URL which can be found here.

Do I need to do anything else?

No, once you have activated the integration you will be automatically publishing your classes and potentially thousands of people will be viewing them across multiple listing portals.

How do customers book?

Right now customers will book via a link that leads to your TeamUp customer site. In the future there are plans to allow automatic bookings.

What platforms are currently displaying my classes?

Updated 20th May 2020


Sport England's #stayinworkout

Sport Birmingham


Active Westminster

Active Suffolk

Active Cheshire

Get Active

Badminton England

Slough Borough Council

Coming soon

Decathlon - launching soon

Active Norfolk - launching soon

Can I see a list of activity types

You can see the full list of activities here.

Can I request a new activity type to fit my business?

You can request a new activity type here. Please note this is not under our control so it's up to OpenActive to review and approve.

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