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Switching to TeamUp from Wodify
Switching to TeamUp from Wodify
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We’re well aware that switching systems can be a daunting thought - we know this because we’ve spoken to thousands of businesses who have done this in the past. We don’t want the stress of a switch to fall on our customer’s shoulders, or the shoulders of their own customers, and so our expert team help make it as easy as possible to switch to TeamUp from another system.

Our fine-tuned switching process ensures you and your customers will have a smooth transition from your existing booking platform to TeamUp. Our team will be on hand to ensure your customer data is imported to TeamUp with no fuss - all we need from you is an idea of what data we should be bringing across and access to your existing data, we’ll take care of the rest. With thousands of previous imports in our locker we’re experienced at making sure the transition is as effortless as possible. The expert managing your import will be with you throughout and easily contactable anytime you need help.

What customer data can be transferred to TeamUp?

  • Contact information i.e. name, email, phone, address, DOB.

  • Form data i.e. PARQ fields, emergency contact info.

  • Customer memberships - packs, prepaid or recurring plans. We’ll import memberships to customer profiles so they’re set up and ready to start booking with their existing membership.

  • Payment details - If you’re already using Stripe or GoCardless we can import any saved payment details to customer profiles in TeamUp. If not, we’ll prompt customers to add payment details to their membership as soon as they accept a personalised invitation to manage their TeamUp account.

What TeamUp will do for you

  • Create profiles for your customers including all their contact information - name, email, phone, address, DOB, etc.

  • Add form data to each profile i.e. PARQ fields, emergency contact info.

  • Add memberships or unused packs to each customer profile. Note that billing dates and amounts can be imported per customer to suit your needs, and don’t necessarily have to align with your old system. The memberships can therefore reflect the ‘new’ pricing to all new customers while loyal customers are grandfathered into the old pricing.

  • Copy over existing payment details if you’re already using Stripe and/or GoCardless.

  • Invite everyone via email on your behalf with a unique link to their own TeamUp profile.

  • Show you who has accepted the invites and if required, added their payment information.

What is required from you to make the switch?

1. An idea of what customer data you would like importing to TeamUp

Should we:

  • Import just customers with memberships?

  • Import just customers with registrations since X date?

  • Do you need old data?
    Tip. We often recommend that an offline copy may be better to keep your TeamUp account up to date and relevant with just active customers.

2. An indication of when you would like to go live with TeamUp

  • We can agree on a sensible switch date based on any notice you need to give your current booking supplier.

  • We can switch customers onto TeamUp while their final payments are processed elsewhere, aligning their next payment perfectly in TeamUp, so they can begin enjoying the benefits and booking into sessions straight away and keeping your sessions filled up.

  • You always have the final say as to when the customers are invited and ‘go-live’. We’ll never communicate anything without your say-so.

3. Setup your TeamUp account

We need at least memberships set up in order to complete the import, but we’d recommend completing or reviewing the rest of the setup guide to ensure you’re ready to go live. Payment method/s should be added to ensure your customers can complete purchases when you’re live, for instance.

Note that we’ll either need memberships to match the names of the memberships in your previous system, or we can ask for the matches before completing the import.

If you’re already using GoCardless and/or Stripe please integrate your existing account from Settings>>Payment>>Manage payment method so that we can move across saved payment details to TeamUp.

4. The customer data

Note. if all of your customers are in GoCardless all we need is for you to integrate your existing GoCardless account to TeamUp, from Settings>>Payment>>Manage payment method. We’ll be able to extract the data and take care of the rest.

  • From your Wodify account...

We can extract your customer data from your Wodify account. All we need from you is access to your current system. If you haven’t already done so, just complete this quick and easy form and book a call so we can discuss your switch in more detail.


  • From a spreadsheet...

Just complete our import template and we’ll do the rest. If you haven’t already done so, just complete this simple form. You can send us a file if you already have one, just here.

If at any point you’d like to speak to us about the switch just book a call here.

5. Inform your existing provider of the switch

We’d recommend ensuring billing is ended with Wodify before billing starts in TeamUp.

We’d also recommend cancelling all classes in Wodify after the date you’re going to go live with TeamUp. This is to prevent customers from booking in the old system and in TeamUp.

We’ll be able to offer guidance on the best time to make the switch.

During the switch

  1. Review the imported data - we’ll let you know once we’ve completed the import so you can check it out.

    Note that we'll never send any invites to your customers until you give us the green light.

  2. Inform your members of the switch. Check out our handy template to help with this.

  3. Review and update the invite email as required: >> Customer: Invitation.

  4. Give us the go-ahead to send the invites.

After the switch

  • Double-check that your former booking supplier has cancelled down any recurring payments or memberships.

  • Ask for help when needed - we’re always happy to assist. You can also check out our in-depth help centre for step-by-step guides.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of TeamUp, but don’t hesitate to ask what else you might be able to do with TeamUp!

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Did this answer your question?