Where are the Custom Fields I previously created?

Custom Fields were additional fields that you could create and would appear on a customer's profile page only. They were therefore only visible and editable from the business and defaulted to just text (i.e no option to select a date, numeric value only, etc)

Where are they now?

As you may have noticed the Custom Fields that you had previously created and were available in Settings >> Customers >> Custom Fields are no longer there, but don't worry these are now available within Settings >> Customer Fields as directed in the previous location with far greater functionality to go with it too:

Any Custom Fields you may have already created, can therefore now be found in Settings >> Customer Fields and have been defaulted to the following settings:

  • To be shown on the Customer Profile page on the business side (as was previously the case)

  • Type = Single line of text

  • Not included in any pre-loaded forms

  • Not visible on the customer side (as was previously the case too)

Why the change?

As explained in our Introduction to Fields article you can now create, remove and edit your own fields to suit your business needs, and decide not only what type of field it should be (date, single text, multiple-choice, etc) but also whether it should be displayed on the Customer Profile page on the business side only (like custom fields did) or be included in an existing or new Form so that customers can now populate the Field themselves and be shown on their customer account too.

Here is a summary of what you can, therefore, now do with your previously existing Custom Fields:

  • Edit the Field Label (i.e. the name of the Field as it will be shown to you and/or your customers)

  • Choose whether to continue showing the Field on the Customer Profile page or not.

  • Choose whether to include the Field when creating a customer on the business side or not.

  • Choose whether to include the Field on any Form(s) which will mean that the customer will now be able to provide the relevant information themselves and see the information on their customer account too.

For example, let's say that you previously had two custom fields, one called "Height" and another called "Notes", but would now like your customers to provide you with the information for Height themselves and continue to keep Notes usable and visible to you only on the business side. All you'd need to do now is simply edit the Height Field so that it's included in one of your Forms and keep the Notes Field as it is.

See our Edit Fields article for more information on how to do all of the above.

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