What should I do if I have to close my business due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

How to contact customers. Managing class cancellations. Tips on how to handle payments and finances.

We've written this guide in case you are required to temporarily close your business due to COVID-19. Below we advise on best practices within your TeamUp account, and offer some insight into how you can prepare for the closure. 

We've also added some tools and resources to help you navigate the outbreak. You can access these any time you need to from the blue header in your account.

Please reach out to us at any point if you would like any further guidance, our contact details can be found here

How do I tell my customers about the business closure? 

This is an important first step to ensure customers don't show up to any of your venues when they're closed. 

We recommend emailing all of your customers to let them know about the business closure. You can read about how to do that, here

We also recommend posting a message on your social media pages, and any other forums your customers interact with you and your business. 

How do I cancel my classes?

Before you cancel your classes have you considered running online classes instead? Online classes are a great way to continue adding value to your customers whilst this outbreak is ongoing.

You can bulk cancel classes from the COVID-19 Tools and Resources section.

Tip. before you cancel your classes you may want to download a list of all attendees including future ones, to keep a record of who was attending which class before the cancellation. Customers will be removed from the class once it is cancelled, and will no longer show on the Class Attendances report.

You'll need to set a start and end date for when the classes should be cancelled.

Note that membership usage credit will be refunded, paid drop-in fees will be refunded via account credit, and notifications will not be sent - you will have the ability to copy customer emails to send your own email explaining the cancellation.

Or you can cancel classes individually, here

How do I cancel my courses?

Details of how to cancel courses can be found here

How should I handle memberships?

In the event that you have to close, the first thing to look at is if you can add value elsewhere. For example, you could offer online classes and other content to encourage members not to freeze or cancel their membership or request a discount.

If you feel freezing the membership is the correct path for your business, we recommend reducing the upcoming billing totals instead by a percentage that reflects the amount of time the business is going to be closed for. Here's an example: if you bill your members £100 per month, and are closed for 2 weeks in April, you may want to reduce the April payment total by 50% to £50. Here is a quick guide on how to do this.

If you want to reduce the prices indefinitely please use the bulk hold tool.

If there are memberships you would still like to freeze:

  • To freeze packs/blocks/prepaid plans/recurring memberships one by one, here are the steps

  • To freeze packs/blocks/prepaid plans in bulk and extend the expiration dates on them, see this guide.

Preparing for a dip in finances 

Start thinking about how you can ensure the loss of revenue doesn't feel like such a pinch if you're about to close your business. Here are some tips:

  • Look into cutting expenses (either temporarily or permanently) to help with cash flow. 

  • Prepare to offer online classes and other content to encourage members not to freeze or cancel memberships. 

  • Sort out personal finances and evaluate how much money to keep in the business

  • Could you pre-sell packages or memberships for when you re-open to help with cash-flow

If you can get members to agree to carry over value and not cancel/adjust payments this will be the easiest way for you, and will cause the least disruption. Lots of leading business owners have recommended this route, and it's our normal recommendation for festive and holiday periods.

The landscape is changing daily so we'll keep this guide up to date with the latest recommendations. Let us know if we can help.

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