What can you do with Open Invoices?

What are open invoices? Why are my payments pending? What happens when a payment fails?

Open invoices are invoices that have not yet been paid in full. For more information about them, please see Understanding Open Invoices.

To view your open invoices, head to Billing/Revenue >> Pending.

There are four types of open invoices - let's take a look at what you can do with each one:

  • Pending. Pending payments don't require any action. You can check when they will land in your bank account by clicking the "i" icon next to the pending date. Click here to view all the available options for pending payments.

  • Pending (Offline). Pending offline payments need to be confirmed manually, but they also allow other actions on the invoice itself or the membership the due payment is linked to. Click here to view the available actions.

  • Bills. Bills are invoices that need to be paid by a customer. If a payment fails, it will automatically be retried by the system - a bill will exist for the payment until the payment has been taken. To view the last/ next automatic payment attempt and the available actions for bills, click here

  • Failed. Failed payments also allow invoice and membership options. To view these options, click here.

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