How to reset your password directly from the login link

This is possible a couple of ways:

Direct from the login link

Head to >> Click the 'Forgot password?' link



Then enter your email address >> email me reset instructions.


Now, follow the instructions in the email you receive to reset your password to something of your choice.

Direct from the fitness businesses TeamUp website/widget

1. Click 'Login/Register' at the top of the page.



2. Enter your email address.


Note. we will verify whether you have an account with TeamUp at this point.



3. If you have a TeamUp account, you'll land on the below page. Click the password recovery link at the bottom of the page.



4. Enter your email address and click 'Email Me Reset Instructions'. We'll send you a link with instructions for resetting your Teamup password.







5. If you don't have a TeamUp account (see step 2), we'll guide you through the process to create one.




Note: We no longer support Facebook login for new accounts. This option is only available for users that linked their account prior to February 2021.


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