How to offer online classes to your members

Running online classes/appointments over Zoom, Instagram or Facebook live, YouTube, etc. is a great way to keep members active and engaged and minimise the impact of the pandemic on your business.

Note. If you're using Zoom, please see this guide

To read a first-hand experience from a pilates business owner who offered their first online class see this article.

We know many of you will be streaming classes, so we have created a quick link to create an online venue in our COVID-19 Tools and Resources page

How to create an "online" venue

Head to Settings >> Venues/Rooms to get started. 

Reminder:  if you're using Zoom check out this guide for steps.

How to set up your online venue:

  • We'd recommend naming the venue "Online" or something that makes it obvious to customers that classes or appointments are online.

    Type should be set to "Online venue where customers watch classes online"

    Under Video URL Type, enter your meeting URL (Instagram, Facebook live, etc.) 

  • TeamUp automatically includes relevant instructions for customers to join an online class. The Description can be used to insert further instructions as required. You'll be able to use the join instructions in notifications (we'll explain how to set these up below).

How do I add the online classes to my schedule?

Before you start, if you’re planning on running your regularly scheduled classes online, and also want to add new online classes, see the ‘New classes’ section below.
Or, if you want to remove your existing classes from the schedule entirely and add new classes, also see ‘New classes’.

Existing classes

If you'd like to keep your existing classes on the schedule and convert them into online classes, you can do so by editing them.

There are two ways to edit classes:

Edit your existing classes in bulk

If you need to apply the same settings to all the classes within a time slot, you can use the bulk-edit tool. For example, your Yoga class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00am and you'd like to assign the online venue to both, and the instructor.

Note: if you don't know which instructor will be available to teach until closer to the time of each class, or you need to change class details for only a few sessions, etc., please see 'Edit your existing classes one by one' below.

To bulk-edit your time slots, head to Classes/Appointments >> Class types >> click desired class type.

Here, click the cogwheel button next to a time slot and select Options - 'Edit Details'. Here, select the "online" class venue and save changes.

Tip: because the class is online, you might also want to increase the class size limit. 

Edit your existing classes one by one

If you can't apply the same settings to all the sessions within each time slot, you can edit your classes one by one instead.

To do this, head to Calendar >> click desired class >> Options - Edit.

If you wish, you can also add a custom description to these classes from here. 

Tip: because the class is online, you might also want to increase the class size limit.

To notify members of this change, tick 'Notify attendees of this change' and include a note. Attendees will receive an email letting them know about the change.

New classes

If you have existing classes on your schedule that you'd like to remove first, you can:

  • Use the bulk cancel tool in the COVID-19 Tools and Resources section.

  • Or update the schedule to end. To do this, head to Classes/Appointments >> Class types >> click desired class. Here, you’ll be able to end each time slot by clicking the cogwheel button next to a time and then  ‘Edit Dates’. Here, set an end date:


If you're creating all-new classes, you'll need to add a new class type and add the new venue to them. To set these up, please see How to set up a class

When setting up the class, you'll be prompted to select the venue and decide which memberships should be able to book this class. 

Remember - this is an online class, so you might want to increase the class size limit.

How can customers book these classes/appointments?

Customers will be able to book these classes/appointments as usual from the Customer Site or the customer booking app. 

How do I email my customers the link to the class?

The Registration Confirmation email (Notifications >> Class/Appointment Registrations >> Registration Confirmation)  includes a class.video_join_button variable that you can add to your email.

This variable gets replaced by a block of instructions + call to action button for the customer to launch the video stream. If the class is not online, this variable is ignored. Therefore, if you've added a Zoom/Facebook/Instagram, etc. link to your notifications previously, please delete it.

Note that the class.video_join_button is also available as a variable in pre-class trigger notifications.

What if I'm streaming classes from different links?

If you'll be streaming classes from different links (for example, you have multiple instructors and they'll each be streaming from a different source, i.e., their own Instagram or Facebook accounts), we'd suggest editing the session's description to include this link, instead of adding the link to the venue description. 

Note. If you're using Zoom, please see this guide

To see how to change the description in a class, head to the 'Existing classes one by one' section in this guide (above).

To let customers know where to go, you can add instructions to the pre-class notification and use the variable, which links to the class detail page on the customer site. 

Here’s an example: 

Hi ,

starts in 1 hour! To grab the link to access the class, please click the link below:

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