How to change your membership cancellation settings

You can change the cancellation settings of your existing recurring memberships at any time, and you may also now change the settings for each individual payment plan should your membership have multiple payment plans.

To do this head to Memberships >> select the membership you wish to change. Now click Edit next to the payment plan:

You'll now be able to view the membership's current Customer Cancellations settings. Simply select the option you wish to change it to and click Save at the bottom of the page.

The membership cancellation options are:

  • Only allow cancellation from the business dashboard which means that your customers will not be able to cancel their own memberships and will need to get in contact with you in order to cancel.

  • Allow customers to cancel with no notice which means that customers will be able to cancel their membership from their accounts at any point. Although please note that the system will not refund any final payments and therefore if this option is selected, the system will simply default their end date to the end of their current billing cycle (so for example if they pay on the 1st of each month and cancel on the 15th of November, their end date will automatically be set as the 30th of November)

  • Allow customers to cancel with a minimum notice period which is the same as above but you will then be prompted to enter the number of days notice you wish a customer to give you. The number of days entered will be added to the cancellation date and if a payment is due during that time the system will then default the end date as the end of the next billing cycle (e.g using the example above, if a customer bills on the 1st of each month, cancels on the 15th of November and you have a 20 day notice period, the system will set their end date as the 31st of December instead because their next billing date falls within the 20 day notice period and as they'll be charged in full they'll be entitled to use the membership for that whole billing period too)

Note. Regardless of which option above you choose, IF the membership billing plan has a minimum commitment period (such as 3 months minimum for example) then the customer will not be able to cancel before the commitment is complete. 

For example, if the customer cancels on the 15th of November but they have a 6-month minimum commitment which does not end until the 31st of January, the customer may cancel but the system will default the end date to the 31st of January and will continue billing them as normal until then.

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