Registration settings - Set when customers can no longer register for a class

You may want to set when a customer can no longer register for a class. For example, it may be that you need to know final class numbers at least 5 hours before the class starts. 

The registrations close setting allows you to do just this. You can have one advance registration limit for all class types, or create as many as you need for your different class types.

To manage this setting, head to Settings >> Registration >> Registration Timelines to get started.

Within the selected timeline, enter the desired advance registration limit in 'Registrations close'. Here, you'll also be able to determine if this cut-off should be before or after the class starts.

For example, you may also need to let customers register for a class after it starts (i.e., Open Gym) where there is one long session that runs continuously throughout the day.

Then, select the class types it should apply to and click 'Save'.






If you need to set different cutoff times for each class, you would go back to Settings >> Registration >> Registration Timelines and add a new registration timeline for each class.

Note: Since timelines also include the cancellation cutoff and registrations open settings, you would need to either edit an existing timeline and add the class type to it, or create a new timeline if you need an all-new settings combo.

It may be that you are less worried about letting a customer book onto your popular classes close to the start time vs wanting lots of warning for classes you need to arrange an instructor for (i.e., 1 on 1 sessions, etc.). 

Here's an example of what multiple timelines with different registrations close settings might look like on your business dashboard.

In this example, Strength and CrossFit class types each have their own registration close limit, and 1-2-1, HIIT share the same limit.



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