Creating instructors and adding them to classes

You can add multiple instructors to your TeamUp account. This will allow you to select these users as the class instructor for your classes and/or courses. 

How to add an instructor to your staff

Instructors can be added from Staff >> Click the 'Add a Staff member' button:

 First, you’ll need to enter the instructor's name and email address.

Then, select whether the user is an admin or has limited permissions. When you select a permissions-based user account, a list of all available permissions will cascade down below.

Tick the 'Instructor' option. When you do this, an extra set of permissions will appear below. These will allow you to define which classes the instructor has access to - all or just the ones they teach.

You can also add a description and a photo if desired.


To add a photo, click 'Choose a File' to upload an image from your computer, import from a URL, or take a photo using your device camera. You will also be able to crop the image as needed.


Select all applicable permissions. The most commonly used permission for instructors is 'Manage Sessions'. This will allow you to define which classes the instructor has access to - all or just the ones they teach.

For example, it may be that you only want this instructor to manage sessions and attendances they instruct (see below).



Then, click 'Create'.

After you've created the instructor's account, an automatic email will be sent to their email address with an invitation link. They will need to click this link in order to be able to access their account. 

Note: All staff accounts can be edited at any time from Staff >> click 'Options' button next to the desired staff member nameFor more information on this topic, please visit this guide.


How to add an instructor to a class

There are several ways to add these users as instructors of your classes. Your customers will be able to see that this instructor is taking the class as well.


1. Add instructor to a single class

To do this, head to Calendar and click on the relevant class. 





In the next page, click 'Options'-Edit.



Next, scroll down to the 'Instructors' section, select the instructor you wish to assign to this specific class, and click the 'Submit' button.



2. Add an instructor to a recurring time slot

Head to Classes >> Class Types >> click class type name.

Next, scroll to the desired timeslot and select 'Edit details' within the settings icon drop-down menu.



On this page, tick the instructor you wish to assign to the whole time slot and finally click 'Edit time slot' to save.




3. Bulk edit to add an instructor to multiple time slots

It's also possible to assign an instructor to multiple time slots. 

To do this, head to Classes >> Class Types >> click class type name. 

Next, click the 'Bulk Edit' button on the right-hand side of the page.




In the next step, you'll be able to choose the desired time slots for this class type (by either ticking each one or filtering by specific days, times, venues or instructors) and assign an instructor to them. Then, click the 'Save' button.




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