Account Owners explained

Each TeamUp account is assigned at least one Account Owner. By default, the person who signs up to the account will be assigned owner status. You can have as many Account Owners as you like.

An Account Owner has the final say on an account. This guide outlines what this means. 



Account Owners can add other Account Owners

From Staff>>Click 'Options' beside the desired staff member>>Make Owner




Account Owners can remove other Account Owners

From Staff>>Click 'Options' beside the desired staff member>>Remove as Owner

Note. removing the Account Owner status will leave the staff member with admin permissions. You can edit these, or remove the user once the owner status is removed. For steps on how to delete a staff member click here, and for how to edit permissions click here




Account Owners can request changes to their service fee billing dates/ request account closures

by contacting us at or calling us on the relevant number to your location here.

Note. Non-account owner requests for changes/closure will be asked for an Account Owner to verify.  

Please contact us have any questions at all.

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