Adding your widget to a GoDaddy site

For the new GoDaddy site builder, it is possible to install your TeamUp widget, with a few simple steps.

The site builder has disabled third party scripts so we have to use an iframe version, which offers all the same functionality as the script.


Step 1: Select page you want to install the widget on, then select HTML as the section type from the right hand section.


Step 2: Add title (optional)


Step 3: In the code box add the following:

<iframe src="URL" width="100%" height="1500px"></iframe>

Note. the breakpoint at which the widget will switch to the mobile version is 940px.

Step 4: Now replace URL above with your unique TeamUp widget URL.

You can find the URL by navigating to Customer Site>>Customise.

Copy the link from the top of the page (don't use our example URL!).



Step 5: Publish the page and check that everything looks correct.


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