Enabling marketing preferences

Allow customers to specify their marketing preferences during signup and within their notification settings.

You can then use this information to decide which customers you'll send marketing to. Head here for more on how to do this.

Marketing Preferences can be enabled under Settings>>Customers

Note. By default, this feature will be disabled.



Customers will be able to decide their marketing preference by answering a simple yes/no question.

New customers will see this during sign up, and existing customers will see this from their notification settings and via a header prompt in their account (see Customer Side Preview below for examples).

Tip. Want to auto unsubscribe someone from your MailChimp account if they choose to opt-out?

If you have a connected MailChimp account, when customers update their marketing preference to the opt-out choice, they will be automatically unsubscribed from your MailChimp lists if you select 'Auto-unsubscribe from MailChimp'.


Customer Side Preview

New customers will be prompted to enter their preference on the sign-up form.



Existing customers will be prompted to update their settings when logged into their account.



Customers can update their preference at any point from their account settings.


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